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Why Phonics?

Why Phonics?

  Why phonics? Research done by the National Reading Panel shows that systematic phonics instruction is the best approach to teaching a child to read--and for improving their word recognition, reading comprehension, fluency, and spelling.  …Read More

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It Takes a Town...

Free Coloring Page for Kids — A Moose is Loose at School

A Moose is Loose at School

One afternoon, I caught a moose, and then I let…Read More

A Children’s Book Makes the Best Topic Overview

A Children's Book Makes the Best Topic Overview

The best tip I think I ever got while teaching…Read More

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Today, many of our customers are those who once learned to read with Sound Town and have returned to our fundamentally sound, memorable program to teach their own children to read. Our loyal customer base speaks for itself—
  • "Using Sound Town made a huge difference for my students. I am a special education teacher. I have taught students from preschool to the 12th grade, and used it for all my students. Many years back, I had a group...
  • "Thank you for your beautiful work on Sound Town. My girls are already singing your songs. It will be very fun to work with the sounds, reading and spelling this summer. I'll probably learn a few things that I didn't...
  • "Sound Town is truly the best phonics method available. The children look forward to their visits to Sound Town each day and are eager to learn the jingles. I am amazed how the children begin to look at words and...
  • "All ages can use Sound Town. I have some older children who need Sound Town. When we do Sound Town Phonics in the classroom, they are teaching the younger ones. My boss really likes it! We love the train!" - Charlotte...
  • "Our oldest child was a natural reader. Our second child struggled. We purchased Sound Town for our youngest, and let our middle child listen along and help teach. Sound Town brought it together for both! Sound Town teaches true phonics...
  • "Sound Town is lots of fun! It’s step-by-step, ready to go! We love it!” - Maureen Bright, Preschool Director
  • "I have never seen children respond as quickly to anything as they have to Sound Town. It has to do with the singing, the pictures and the fun. It really sticks in their minds. They are excelling. One child I have...
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