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An Overview of the Sound Town Program

An Overview of the Sound Town Program

By Virginia Duke

We’re excited that you’re interested in using Sound Town to teach your child to read!

Sound Town Phonics is a four-unit program that will take your child from learning to recognize letters and their sounds all the way to independent reading.

While each station can be purchased individually to target whatever reading competency your child may need, the program is designed to be completed in order, with each station building upon what is learned in the previous. This systematic instruction ensures that all essential skills are learned not just once, but reinforced throughout the entire program.

The Program Overview

The Sound Town Program consists of four units:
1) The Alphabet Station
2) The Short Vowel Station
3) The Long Vowel Station
4) The Sound Town Station

Our Learning Guide below shows the route you’ll take through each of the units.

A detailed, easy-to-follow Instruction Booklet in each Station provides parents and educators with the background knowledge and instructions needed to lead your child from lesson to lesson–until they take over and start reading on their own!

1) The Alphabet Station

The Alphabet Station is where your child learns the sounds each letter makes.
The lessons in the Alphabet Station are easy to teach and fun to learn. You will find your child quickly becoming familiar with the 26 letters in the Alphabet, which is your child’s first step in learning to read.

And the simple writing sheets show your child how to form each letter. This is where your child can write the letters of their own name!

2) The Short Vowel Station

In the Short Vowel Station, your child combines the sounds to read simple three-letter words. 
The very first lesson in the Short Vowel Station, the Blending Band, teaches your child to blend letters.

Children then learn to blend the letters in simple words, each following the same three-letter pattern: consonant / short vowel sound / consonant. The kit includes short vowel I Am Reading books and puzzle games that let students form their own words and practice, practice, practice.

Ta-da! Your child is already reading real words!

3) The Long Vowel Station

The Long Vowel Station is where your child meets the Jumping “e”.
Many words in our language follow the long vowel pattern of consonant / long vowel sound / consonant / silent Jumping “e”. For example, h-o-p-e. This silent Jumping “e” goes quietly to the end of words and changes the vowel sound to create a new word.

With lots of practice built into the Long Vowel Station, your child can now read many of the words presented in simple books and readers.

4) The Sound Town Station

In the Sound Town Station, your child learns the sounds of double and triple letter combinations and blends–the last stop on the reading journey!
Encouraged and excited by their success up to this point, your child will now start learning to combine sounds to read words with double and triple letter combinations and blends.

In the Sound Town Station, your child will listen to the Sound Town Adventure story on CD, traveling through Sound Town with Audrey and Joseph and accompanying them as they meet the town’s enigmatic characters (and the phonemes they represent). Through songs, riddles, and rhymes that engage all types of learners, children absorb the sounds of complicated letter combinations effortlessly as they help Audrey and Joseph search for the Key to Reading.

It is in Sound Town that the learning of all previous Stations come together, and when they are finished, your child will have a solid understanding of the 76 letters and letter combinations that make up the words of the English language.

5) The Reading Tutor Kit

The Reading Tutor Kit helps improve your child’s reading and spelling skills.

Not a part of the structured four units that make up the Sound Town Program, the Reading Tutor Kit is designed instead to enhance your child’s reading and spelling abilities or reinforce certain areas where they might need more practice.

The Sound Town Reading Tutor Kit, with its miniature chart and characters, interactive games and activities, is the perfect way to spend the vacation months helping your child improve their reading, spelling, and fluency skills. Whether your child is a struggling reader who needs to relearn phonetic rules or an avid reader who would benefit from enrichment, the Reading Tutor Kit provides a set of fresh, engaging lessons to practice reading skills and have fun in the process.

With a sumer of Sound Town fun, you can be sure they will be ready to conquer reading when they head back to school.