Below are answers to our customers’ most Frequently Asked Questions. If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for, always feel free to contact us!

Order, Shipping, and Returns – Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can I send you my payment through the mail, rather than using your PayPal option?


Yes, you may simply print off the order form and send in (only money order or banker’s check accepted) for the amount, plus shipping. You can get the total cost by filling out an order form online. Just let us know in the comment section that you are sending the payment by mail.

Our address is:
Sound Town Phonics
P.O. Box 31832
Tucson, AZ 85751

Please call us at 1-888-655-1011 if you need further assistance with this.


2. On your Order Form, I noticed that you charge different shipping rates for different purchase amounts. Why is that?


Because the price you pay for our products largely corresponds to how heavy your box(es) will be, we’ve created a sliding scale for shipping costs that applies to all our customers. Sometimes the boxes we ship are heavier, but we’re happy to absorb that cost for you, because we believe that shipping should be simple and predictable.

To ship anywhere in the United States, our charges are as follows:

Please note that these are NOT rates for International Shipping. If you live outside of the United States and are interested in ordering Sound Town, please reach out to ask about shipping costs for you.


3. Do you sell Sound Town at any retail stores?


We currently do not, but we’re open to the idea! If you’re a business owner interested in putting Sound Town on your shelves, please contact us!



Products and Program – Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can I use your Sound Town Phonics program along with other phonics programs I’m currently using?


Of course! We actually started out providing our Sound Town Wall Chart (the gem of our program!) to homeschool families and classrooms as a supplemental piece of their phonics curriculum, so they could benefit from the overview of the English language in a comprehensive phonetic, highly visual, and FUN way! In fact, all of our materials can be used as supplemental practice or play for the curriculum you’re already using.

However, we quickly discovered that many parents wanted more than just the Wall Chart, so we designed a complete curriculum that can stand on its own.

We created simple, basic lessons to teach their children the alphabet letters, short vowel words, and long vowel “Jumping “E” words–with the same creative and fun lessons as that first Sound Town Wall Chart. And most importantly to us–and the families and classrooms we serve–we divided the lessons up into Stations, so parents and teachers could have the flexibility to purchase the entire program OR only the specific step to reading that their child currently needed.


2. What is the difference between the Reading Tutor Kit and the Sound Town Station?


At first glance, we can see why you’re curious about the difference between these two kits.


The Reading Tutor Kit includes a miniature version of the Sound Town Wall Chart and characters for quick reference and refreshing. It also makes a great learning tool for summer fun when combined with the Sound Town CDs (also included in the Reading Tutor Kit). The game board on the back of the smaller chart, along with a spinner and game cards, makes learning  filled with so much fun and excitement, that your child will “get it, without knowing they got it”!

Also included in the Reading Tutor kit is a coloring book with all of the characters in Sound Town. Children of all ages can color along as they meet all the characters in Sound Town and listen to their stories on the CD’s.

The Flashcards which are included in the Reading Tutor Kit show the pictures along with the letter(s), and the sound(s) each make. This version of flashcards is only found in the Tutor Kit. Other stations have their own specific Flashcards. (You can view each on our Products page.)


3. Do I need the Alphabet By Color Book Kit along with the Alphabet Station to teach my child the alphabet?


The Alphabet By Color Book Kit, which we often refer to as the ABC Book Kit, is a great addition to the Alphabet Station! In fact, we highly recommend it as a fun supplement.

The Alphabet by Color Book introduces all of the sounds each letter can make in the form of stories–great for bedtime reading and “snuggle” time. Even your youngest child will enjoy the book’s delightful stories and rhymes. The ABC Book also includes an interactive element which shows the child how to “write the letter in the air”, which develops muscle memory that will later be recalled to actually write the letters when your child is older. And the flashcards and coloring book insure you have lots of activities to reinforce learning.

Our Alphabet Station is structured more for lesson time, and has fun, interactive pieces to help your child learn their alphabet letters and sounds. Also included are both the initial introduction to the sounds of each letter, as well as beginning writing lessons.  And for Alphabet letter recognition (and colorful wall décor!), the Alphabet Station has the Alphabet Wagon Train, which can also be made into a hands-on, interactive lesson–always an important component in learning.

Interested? You can order both here!

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