It Takes a Town...

Thank Goodness for the Village!

Thank Goodness for the Village!

By Roxanne

While my four children were growing into the wonderful adults they now are, I relied heavily on the mentors who peopled my children’s village.

There was Louis who not only provided my oldest with a place to play fabulous pianos, do her homework, and eventually master the art of selling fine pianos, but he also provided flexible employment to my youngest during his high school sports career.

There was Julia and the ballet studio, complete with a sisterhood of dancers who provided my second with all the excitement and nurturing needed during those terrific teen years.

There was the lively variety of the homeschool community in Montana which kept my third involved during her formative career.

And of course, the great coaches, parents, and YMCA staff and facilities which consumed my youngest’s attention from third grade on!

It definitely took a town!