Alphabet By Color Book Kit

Alphabet By Color Book Kit


The Alphabet By Color Book Kit is the perfect alphabet review!

Teach your child the sounds of the individual alphabet letters through delightful stories, pictures, and basic writing practice. It’s a great beginning for your youngest, and a perfect way to review the alphabet letters with your developing reader.


The Alphabet By Color Book Kit includes:

1. The Alphabet By Color Book
This 115-page full-color book teaches the sounds of individual letters through delightful stories, beautiful illustrations, and fun activities.

For each letter of the alphabet, read a carefully crafted story packed with words that repeat all the sounds made by that letter. The different sounds each letter makes are color-coded. At the end of each story, you’ll also find a lesson that illustrates how to write the letter through a corresponding picture and “writing jingle.”

2. Alphabet By Color Coloring Book
Your children can continue spending time with the stories they love by coloring characters and scenes taken from the book. They can even color along as you read!

3. Full-Color Alphabet Flashcards
Reinforce the alphabet through sturdy alphabet flashcards, all with colorful pictures taken from the book.


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