Alphabet Station

Alphabet Station


The Alphabet Station is your child’s first step toward learning to read.

With these fun, interactive lessons and stories, you will teach your child to recognize the alphabet letters, the sounds they make, and how to write them.

The lessons are easy to teach and fun to learn, and you will find your child quickly becoming familiar with the twenty-six letters of the alphabet. And the simple writing sheets show your child how to form each letter, so your child can learn to write the letters of their own name!


In the Alphabet Station, you will find:

1. Alphabet Folded Books
Twenty-six colorful little one-page books teach children to identify the sounds of the alphabet letters. As the children hear the sound of the letter and how it is used in the beginning of a word, they are developing the first important component of reading. Children delight in “reading” them again and again.

2. Alphabet Flashcards
Twenty-six colorful flashcards to help your child remember all of the sounds that each letter can make.

3. Alphabet Wagon Train
A western covered wagon for each letter is our version of an alphabet frieze for your wall. Colorful pictures correspond to the sounds of each letter and can be displayed on each wagon to help the children remember the sounds.

4. Beginner Alphabet Writing Sheets
These adorable writing sheets teach children to form the single alphabet letters and provide hours of coloring fun. Each sheet provides practice tracing the letter, forming the letter using a starting point, and space for writing independently. These writing sheets are reproducible, with wonderful coloring sheets on the back illustrating the sound(s) of each letter.


Other Materials Included

This kit also comes with a Learning Guide, a comprehensive map of the skills that make up the learning-to-read process. Showing the progression of each Sound Town Station and its lessons on one continuous pathway, the Learning Guide lays out how each lesson fits into the journey your child will take from learning the alphabet to full reading skills.

And of course, each Station comes with an easy-to-use Instruction Booklet that provides parents and educators with the background knowledge and instructions needed to lead your child from lesson to lesson. Looking for additional ideas? Check out It Takes a Town!

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