The Complete Sound Town Phonics Program

The Complete Sound Town Phonics Program


Save when you buy all four Sound Town Stations, for a complete phonics reading program that your child will love!


While you can purchase each station individually, to target whatever reading competency where your child may need additional support, the program is designed to be completed in order, taking your child from the very beginning of letter recognition all the way through to reading books.


The complete set of Sound Town Stations includes:


Station 1 – The Alphabet Station

These fun, interactive lessons and stories teach your child to recognize the alphabet letters, the sounds they make, and how to write them. In the Alphabet Station, your child will discover that some of the alphabet letters can make more than one sound. This kit contains:
1. Alphabet Folded Books
2. Alphabet Flashcards
3. Alphabet Wagon Train
4. Beginner Alphabet Writing Sheets
5. Alphabet Writing Sheets

Station 2 – The Short Vowel Station

These delightful, interactive lessons invite your child to combine the alphabet sounds to make simple 3-letter words. Many words fit this “short vowel” pattern. Your child will have lots of success reading! This kit contains:
1. The Blending Band
2. Short Vowel Folded Books
3. Short Vowel Word Cards
4. Short Vowel Word Building
5. Short Vowel Word Families
6. Short Vowel I Am Reading Books

Station 3 – The Long Vowel Station

With these active lessons, your child will learn to identify and read words having the final silent e, we call the Jumping e! The Jumping e jumps over the last consonant in the word and tickles the vowel into saying its name which is the “long” sound, instead of the “short sound” of the vowel. This kit contains:
1. The Fantastic Jumping “e”
2. Long Vowel Folded Books
3. Long Vowel Word Cards
4. Long Vowel Word Building
5. Long Vowel Blending Charts
6. Long Vowel I Am Reading Books

Station 4 – The Sound Town Station

One by one, your child will meet all the characters in Sound Town and discover the Key to Reading with this fun and effective phonics approach to learning. Through pictures, poems, stories, and songs, your child will find learning to read exciting when they travel to Sound Town! This kit contains:
1. Wall Chart Kit and Sound Town audio CDs
2. Sound Town Writing Sheets
3. Poetry Anthology
4. Sound Town Word Building
5. Sound Town I Am Reading Books


Other Materials

The complete set also comes with a Learning Guide, a comprehensive map of the skills that make up the learning-to-read process. Showing the progression of each Sound Town Station and its lessons on one continuous pathway, the Learning Guide lays out how each lesson fits into the journey your child will take from learning the alphabet to full reading skills.

And of course, each Station comes with an easy-to-use Instruction Booklet that provides parents and educators with the background knowledge and instructions needed to lead your child from lesson to lesson. Looking for additional ideas? Check out It Takes a Town!

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