Long Vowel Station

Long Vowel Station


The Long Vowel Station is where your child meets the Jumping “e”.

What’s that? The Jumping “e” jumps over the last consonant in a word and tickles the vowel into saying its name–which is the “long” sound, instead of the “short” sound of the vowel. Many words in the English language follow the long vowel pattern of consonant / long vowel sound / consonant / silent Jumping “e”.

With lots of practice built into the Long Vowel Station, your child can now read many of the words presented in simple books and readers. Watch as your child’s enthusiasm for reading grows!

In the Long Vowel Station, you will find:

1. The Fantastic Jumping “e”
Introduce children to the final silent “e” word pattern with this fun material. Fat becomes
fate, can becomes cane, bit becomes bite, and kit becomes kite by adding our little
jumping “e” card to the end of the short vowel word cards. The delightful jumping “e”
hops over the consonant to the final silent “e” pattern.

2. Long Vowel Folded Books
These single page books give the child practice reading “long vowel” words. Each
book has a colorful picture relates to the word that is read.

3. Long Vowel Word Cards
This series of word cards helps children read words with the final silent “e” pattern. The
vowels are highlighted for ease of recognition. There are word cards for the 4 vowels which
most commonly use this word pattern. Set of 90 word cards.

4. Long Vowel Word Building
This kit is a big hit with children who like to be actively involved in their learning.
The children can “build” or spell “long vowel” words with our imaginative spelling tray,
attractive moveable alphabet letters and delightful pictures.

5. Long Vowel Blending Charts
Give the children more practice reading long vowel” words. This material is also
a good introduction to the “blends.”

6. Long Vowel I Am Reading Books
4 Small books with short phrases make a success out of beginning readers.


Other Materials Included

This kit also comes with a Learning Guide, a comprehensive map of the skills that make up the learning-to-read process. Showing the progression of each Sound Town Station and its lessons on one continuous pathway, the Learning Guide lays out how each lesson fits into the journey your child will take from learning the alphabet to full reading skills.

And of course, each Station comes with an easy-to-use Instruction Booklet that provides parents and educators with the background knowledge and instructions needed to lead your child from lesson to lesson. Looking for additional ideas? Check out It Takes a Town!

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