Reading Tutor Kit

Reading Tutor Kit


The Reading Tutor Kit helps improve your child’s reading and spelling skills.

The Sound Town Reading Tutor Kit, with its interactive games and activities, is the perfect way to spend the vacation months helping your child improve their reading, spelling, and fluency skills. Whether your child is a struggling reader who needs to relearn phonetic rules or an avid reader who would benefit from enrichment, the Reading Tutor Kit provides a set of fresh, engaging lessons to practice reading skills and have fun in the process.

With Sound Town, you can be sure they will be ready for more reading fun when they head back to school.

In the Reading Tutor Kit, you will find:

1. The Phonics Basics Teaching Booklet
This easy-to-understand booklet presents an overview of how to teach your child to read with phonics. It answers the questions, “What is phonics?” and “How do I begin?”

2. The Sound Town Adventure CDs
This fun adventure story introduces your child to the phonemes of our language by bringing them alive as characters in the western prairie town called Sound Town.

3. Sound Town Game Board
This game board helps children track their progress through Sound Town and is full of lessons appropriate for all ages and learning levels.

4. Coloring Book
Children can color their favorite characters as they listen to Audrey and Joseph’s adventures.

5. Sound Town Storyboard
The storyboard is a full-color background that allows your child to build their own Sound Town with little movable pieces. A great way for tactile learners to engage with the story!

6. Tutor Flashcards
Flashcards for each of the phonemes provide lots of fun and learning activities.

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