Short Vowel Station

Short Vowel Station


In the Short Vowel Station, your child combines the sounds of the alphabet to read simple three-letter words.

Many words fit a simple “short vowel” pattern, and the delightful, interactive lessons in the Short Vowel Station invite your child to experience immediate success reading simple three-letter words!


In the Short Vowel Station, you will find:

1. The Blending Band
This creative and refreshing material helps the children begin blending the sounds
of the alphabet, an essential skill for reading. The Blending Band conductor helps you
guide the children to blend consonants and vowels. This rainbow chart is all you will
need to launch the children on their first step to reading. Includes a chart with pieces.

2. Short Vowel Folded Books
These single page books offer practice reading simple “short vowel” words, all following the same three-letter pattern of consonant / short vowel sound / consonant.  Each book has a colorful picture which corresponds to the word that is read.
Set of 24 books.

3. Short Vowel Word Cards
This series of word cards helps the children read the basic three letter or “short vowel”
words. The vowels are highlighted for ease of recognition. There are word cards for
each of the 5 vowels, creating a set of 120 word cards for ample practice of this
basic skill.

4. Short Vowel Word Building
This material is a big hit with children who like to be actively involved in their learning.
The children can “build” or spell the three letter “short vowel” words with our moveable
letters and delightful pictures.

5. Short Vowel Word Families
Each time the page is flipped the children can read a new word with ease. Only the
initial letter changes as the children have fun reading and rhyming.

6. Short Vowel I Am Reading Books
Five simple books with short phrases for success in early reading.


Other Materials Included

This kit also comes with a Learning Guide, a comprehensive map of the skills that make up the learning-to-read process. Showing the progression of each Sound Town Station and its lessons on one continuous pathway, the Learning Guide lays out how each lesson fits into the journey your child will take from learning the alphabet to full reading skills.

And of course, each Station comes with an easy-to-use Instruction Booklet that provides parents and educators with the background knowledge and instructions needed to lead your child from lesson to lesson. Looking for additional ideas? Check out It Takes a Town!

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