Sound Town Station

Sound Town Station


In the Sound Town Station, your child learns the sounds of double and triple letter combinations and blends–the last stop on the reading journey!

Encouraged and excited by their success up to this point, your child will now start learning to combine sounds to read words with double and triple letter combinations and blends.

In the Sound Town Station, your child will travel through Sound Town with Audrey and Joseph, accompanying them as they meet the town’s enigmatic characters (and the phonemes they represent). Through songs, riddles, and rhymes that engage all types of learners, children absorb the sounds of complicated letter combinations effortlessly as they help Audrey and Joseph search for the Key to Reading.

It is in Sound Town that the learning of all previous Stations come together, and when they are finished, your child will have a solid understanding of the 76 letters and letter combinations, the phonemes, that make up the words of the English language.

Watch as reading comes alive for your child through the adventures of Sound Town!


In the Sound Town Station, you will find:

1. Sound Town Wall Chart Kit and Audio CDs
Young learners quickly master the double and triple letter phonetic combinations
through the song, rhymes, pictures, and stories of our Sound Town audio CDs and
beautiful wall chart. Discovering the sounds and rules, children make meaningful
association in the context of this engaging story. Contains wall chart, chart figures, instructions, flashcards, and two CDs.

2. Sound Town Writing Sheets
These writing sheets help children learn the double and triple letter combinations
essential for successful reading. Also includes coloring sheets for each
Sound Town character.

3. Poetry Anthology
This collection of original children’s poems relating to our Sound Town Adventure are
great for learning to read and recognizing the phonetic patterns they have learned.
Poetry is a valuable tool for reaching fluency in reading and spelling, and having fun
at the same time.

4. Sound Town Word Building
This kit is a big hit with children who like to be actively involved in their learning.
The children can “build” or spell words with the double and triple letter combination
pattern using the imaginative spelling tray, attractive moveable alphabet letters and
delightful pictures.

5. Sound Town I Am Reading Books
Small books with short phrases make a success out of beginning readers.


Other Materials Included

This kit also comes with a Learning Guide, a comprehensive map of the skills that make up the learning-to-read process. Showing the progression of each Sound Town Station and its lessons on one continuous pathway, the Learning Guide lays out how each lesson fits into the journey your child will take from learning the alphabet to full reading skills.

And of course, each Station comes with an easy-to-use Instruction Booklet that provides parents and educators with the background knowledge and instructions needed to lead your child from lesson to lesson. Looking for additional ideas? Check out It Takes a Town!

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