Look below for information on our Shipping and Returns policies, and check out our Frequently Asked Questions page if you have further questions!


Shipping Information

We believe that shipping costs should be straight-forward and predictable. That’s why we created a simple sliding scale to help you determine how much your shipping will be.

To ship anywhere in the United States, our charges are as follows:

Shipping Charges

Please note that these are NOT rates for International Shipping. If you live outside of the United States and are interested in ordering Sound Town, please contact us to ask about shipping costs for you.


Returns Information


Information on returns and exchanges coming soon! In the meantime, we’re always available by phone or email to answer your calls.


Additional Questions?

High quality, responsive customer service is important to us. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns about our shipping, returns, or exchanges policy. We are here to serve you!

Phone: (888) 655-1011

Email: soundtownphonics@gmail.com


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