Why Phonics?

Why Phonics?


Why phonics? Research done by the National Reading Panel shows that systematic phonics instruction is the best approach to teaching a child to read–and for improving their word recognition, reading comprehension, fluency, and spelling.


Sound Town Phonics is the systematic approach
you need to teach your child to read.


  • Guide your child from recognizing letters to reading on their own in just four robust units.
  • Each unit blends into the next, teaching children the “building block” phonemes in increasing complexity–until they’re able to discover words on their own!
  • No guessing what to teach next or if they’re missing something. The Learning Guide lays out every step of the process and is perfect for busy parents and educators alike.
  • Detailed Educator Guides provide instructions and strategies for each lesson and activity.
  • And It Takes a Town is full of ideas for more games and activities kids can do with our materials.


What is Phonics?

Phonics is a reading method that teaches every sound each letter and letter combination makes, allowing readers to decode, or sound out, words.

Why is that valuable?

There are over one million words in the English language, making it nearly impossible to memorize what each of those words look like–which, believe it or not, was a commonly taught reading technique of the past.

Instead, phonics teaches new readers to simply learn the 43 sounds of the English language. They then learn to blend those sounds together to make up any word they want to read.

These 43 sounds come from 69 single letter and letter combinations we call phonemes. The first 26 phonemes are simply the alphabet letters, and the remaining are the groups of letters that, when combined together, make a single sound, such as sh, ee, oo, and ng.

An effective phonics program like as Sound Town systematically walks children through learning the sounds of each letter and letter combination, with writing instruction, word decoding, and lots and lots of practice throughout.

So What Exactly Is Sound Town?

Sound Town is a phonics-based reading program made up of four units, or stations, that take children from the very beginning of letter recognition all the way through to reading books. 


The program is designed to be completed in order, though each station can be purchased individually to target whatever reading competency your child may need.


Our Sound Town Stations, in order, are:

  1. The Alphabet Station, where children learn the alphabet and all the sounds the letters make
  2. The Short Vowel Stationwhere children start reading short vowels and putting them into simple three-letter words
  3. The Long Vowel Stationwhere children learn the sounds of long vowels and the rules for that silent “e”
  4. The Sound Town Stationan interactive audio story where students learn the sounds that groups of letters make when combined together, such as sh, ee, oo, igh and more.




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